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We are MODYN

A Dutch product design agency with a passion for mobility. Leveraging concept design, strategic thinking and a hands-on approach, we design product experiences that move people and businesses forward. Our innovative solutions drive user-centric, impactful designs that shape the future of mobility.

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Designing new and better ways forward

We steer towards simple solutions to what are often complex problems — creating product designs that speak for brands, resonate with people and stand out in the market.

Working with MODYN
Modyn Dutch design, product design agency, mobility design

Blur the lines

We are an extension of your team. Through collaboration and in-studio workshops, we engage in open discussions and exchange ideas that spark innovative solutions. Our strategic thinking and hands-on approach create user-centric, impactful designs that drive the future of mobility and product innovation.

Build it, fast

At MODYN, learning is a hands-on process. Building prototypes allows us to discover intuitive appeal, test customer experiences, foresee obstacles, and design solutions quickly. This approach ensures user-centric, impactful designs that shape the future of mobility.

Ditch comfort zones

We challenge our clients to go somewhere new. We steer you past ‘interesting’ ideas and take you on the twists and turns that lead to fresh and exciting opportunities. Our innovative approach ensures impactful, user-centric designs that shape the future of mobility.

Designing new futures

Our team of thinkers, makers and doers is dedicated to designing new futures, pushing the boundaries and creating products people love.

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