New futures.
Our playground.

At MODYN, we’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries of our own designs. That’s why we’re always playing with something on the side — flexing our creativity to conceptualize forward-thinking, futuristic and sublime designs.
Sometimes we’re inspired by trends; other times we’re inspired by technology or the freedom to design outside of its confines. These playful projects not only keep us innovating, but they allow people outside of our team to get a peek at how we think and design new and better ways forward.

Making waves with a new product

Bosch-Rexroth, who specializes in motion engineering products, was diving into the world of electric wave generators. They asked our team to visualize this new product in real-world settings, illustrating how and where it can be used. These artist impressions were successfully used by Bosch-Rexroth to sell their new product.

Taking a new product for a spin

A modern take on the ferris wheel, Bosch-Rexroth engineered this spiraling tower which gives visitors a unique experience and city view. As a totally new product, they asked MODYN to create context for it — illustrating it as a fixture of the skyline, showing how you spiral to the top, as well as how fun […]

Sketching a new future

We wanted to show Hymer how they could redesign their iconic caravans and trailers for a new future with a younger consumer. To do this, we updated both products with contemporary, sleek and streamlined design features. We wanted the feel of both the interior and exterior to be indulgent, much more like a luxury hotel […]

Sketching new possibilities for the great outdoors

Thule has a well-established product range, but we wanted to trigger them to expand their possibilities. Our team pitched the idea of additional layers of functionality and versatility to their roof box and trailer, allowing customers to easily turn them into tents. We built upon Thule’s existing design form, combining hard and soft materials to […]

Beer brewing that’s more accessible and mobile

What started as a playground exercise for a startup turned into an actual client project. The idea was to make home brewing more understandable, accessible and mobile. To do this, we played with the shape and familiarity of a coffee machine, then tapped the heritage of beer making with design details like a copper kettle […]

Digging up new ideas

These sketches were an exercise to find interesting forms for large, often bulky construction vehicles. Our team wanted to define the machinery with added character and dynamic definition — all while incorporating functionality and weight distribution.

Inspiring automobile design

SABIC, who supplies the auto industry with plastics and raw materials, wanted to showcase how to use their latest products and innovations. Our team illustrated interesting ways to use their new technologies in automobile design, giving SABIC compelling examples to bring directly to car designers looking for inspiration.

Reimagining a classic to design a unique experience

Ferris wheel producer Dutchwheels asked us to play around and flex our creativity to come up with a new, unique shape for their gondolas. We wanted to focus on the experience, zeroing-in on the details that would add value to the ride while expanding our idea of what this space could actually be. This led […]

Design Sprint for positive impact

We approached NS — the Dutch Railway — and asked them to participate in a Design Sprint to explore how design could alleviate some of the newfound difficulties of travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Together, we decided we wanted to focus on designs that added value to the experience rather than limiting passengers further. This […]
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