Imagining new and better ways forward

We are MODYN, a Dutch product design agency with a passion for mobility. Leveraging strategic thinking with the art of a hands-on approach, we design product experiences that move people and businesses forward.



We design products that win our clients awards
Outstanding product design
Red Dot Award
Outstanding design quality
GIO Award
Recognition of design craftsmanship
German Design Award
Excellent product design
Good Design Award
Contemporary product design
European Product Design Award
Recognizing and awarding the best in international product designers.
Design that moves

Good design is intuitive, empathic, responsible and forward-thinking. To get there, we steer towards simple solutions to what are often complex problems —  the results being designs that speak for brands, resonate with people and stand out in the market.


We work with clients who are looking for new, better ways forward.
Designing new futures

Founded in 1984 by mobility design pioneer Peter van der Veer, Vanderveer Designers has led the industry with award-winning designs and first time innovations. Now with their eyes on the future, partners Gert-Jan van Breugel, Rik de Reuver and Wim van Dijk have reimagined the company’s identity as MODYN. A play on mobility and dynamic, the name directly refers to our legacy and fervent curiosity for mobility design.

Our mission is to design products that let people move more freely, easily and sustainably in our world. 

At MODYN, we’re committed to designing products that uphold these values by working in the space between human foresight, future responsibility and business by design.


With specialized knowledge of market trends, regulations, ergonomics we ensures the safety, user-friendliness, and comfort of the most precious and vulnerable individuals.


In environments where living, working, and recreation intertwine closely, we must ensure that the mobility solutions we design provide a seamless and efficient user experience.


Developing cutting-edge mobility solutions that set the benchmark in the market is no small feat. With our multidisciplinary approach and full-service expertise, we deliver sleek, innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of today and tomorrow's transportation landscape.

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