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A shared passion

In a world more interconnected than ever, we see mobility as one of the most important and exciting design endeavors of our time. Consequently, as product design experts, we find endless inspiration and opportunities to design product experiences that move people and businesses forward—literally.

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Hands on approach

Walking into MODYN, you’ll find our product design experts sketching designs in the open office, refining 3D prototypes in the workshop, and collaborating around the table. Furthermore, what sets us apart is that you become part of the team, actively participating and collaborating with us.

At MODYN, we see our team as an extension of yours. Through consistent collaboration and in-studio workshops with designers, users, partners, and yourself, we engage in open discussions and exchange ideas that spark innovative solutions, bringing us closer to the final product.


Our process
MODYN team members actively engaging in the product design process.

A team, not an agency

Our unwavering focus on product design and the mobility industry ensures your business benefits from our specialized expertise. While others broaden their scope, we stay dedicated, making us trusted specialists.

Working with a small, dedicated team of product design experts lets every experienced voice be heard and new ideas be implemented. This internal growth drives us to continuously add value and set higher benchmarks for our clients, ensuring exceptional product design solutions that meet your business needs.

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