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  • Case Quality design that matches newfound innovation
  • Client Bosch Rexroth
  • Industry Aviation

Rexroth innovated totally new electrical machinery that allowed their flight simulator to mimic real-life scenarios — everything from high speeds to g-force — with clean and silent propulsions. However, the machine was designed by engineers for sheer usability. The design lacked a quality feel that mirrored the incredible tech and engineering behind the product itself.


Key Insights

Our team took the time to invest in learning about the engineering and existing framework of this product so that we could design for both the technology and the high-end customer. The result was a new, streamlined, high-quality appeal that matched the high level of innovation of the machine. 

Our Approach

Competing simulators looked very raw and technical with wires hanging out and welding lines visible on the joints. We came to the conclusion with Bosch and Rexroth that, to appeal directly to their high-end clients and stand out in the market, we needed to streamline the design.


We wanted the simulator to look like a plane itself — solid and efficient. We didn’t want to burden customers with having to look at bolts, wires, weld lines or metal beams. The design was inspired by the intentional and aerodynamic design of airspace, giving customers an instant visualization of its quality.


Our design developed quickly, going between sketches and prototyping using their state of the art metal building facilities. Testing our ideas in three-dimensional proportions as the design evolved allowed us to better assess technical specifications’ usability. 


As we designed and prototyped the simulator we were constantly testing the best ways to build the product, too. We stayed on with Bosch and Rexroth through production, helping them find the best way to produce different parts, use specific manufacturing methods and keep the process moving quickly.

Red Dot Award
What our client has to say
“They definitely understand the technology up to the level that they need to understand it, and they look at who the end customer is and how we can make something that's interesting for them. And I think we did that...We even got some compliments from our competitors, telling us their customers chose the Rexroth system because it looked so nice.”
“The design was really well received by the market. Actually, we were trendsetters, you could say, for having these motion simulators with a certain look.”
Rik de Swart, Sales Manager Projects at Bosch Rexroth
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