Agrifac Condor Endurance

High-Tech Meets Smart Design
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  • Case Forge a design that felt as high-tech and innovative as the tech
  • Client Agrifac
  • Industry Farming

A market-leader in farming machinery, Agrifac made significant investments and advances in the technology of their sustainable sprayer. But, the design didn’t match the newfound innovation the company had built. Agrifac tasked MODYN with elevating and streamlining the design to match their technological advances and new consumer standards. They also sought our automobile production expertise in selecting the right materials and production techniques.

Key Insights

The design of the Condor Endurance II was far more extensive than designing paneling and concealing mechanics. Our team worked extensively alongside Agrifac to choose the right materials, advise them on the best suppliers and ensure this machine would be produced to the highest standards. It was a complete collaboration — from creating character to ensuring successful product development.

Our Approach

The farming industry has turned incredibly technical in recent years. Yet, the machinery used isn’t streamlined, causing it to look clunky and antiquated. We found that farmers were looking to invest in machinery that matched their ambition and reflected the quality and innovation of the technology.


Because we already had a design framework from Agrifac based on their new technology, we began developing sketches that streamlined the design and explored manufacturing and materialization. We also spent time researching materials that would add more durability or be more lightweight so their specific composition and usability could be worked into the final design.


Our design focused on streamlining the machine, hiding joints and integrating wires and necessary components. We used red plastic paneling from the front all the way down the sides to give the machine a cohesive aesthetic — the rounded edges and shiny surface adding unexpected character. To better protect joints and important components that were more vulnerable to damage, we used black plastic.


Leveraging our automotive surfacing expertise, Agrifac used our 3D CAD modeling and surfacing to take the Condor Endurance II to production. Our team didn’t stay on through development, however, we did help Agrifac select the best production suppliers and advise them on selecting the right materials in terms of usability and cost.

Red Dot Award
What our client has to say
“I liked that even after finishing the product, they continued to think of ways we could do more and do better. They really went the extra mile to help us win the Red Dot Award.”
“Agrifac is really the brand that’s at the forefront of innovation, and winning this award further proved to us that this design that incorporates all of our technology is really working at the highest level possible. ”
Wouter Zijlstra, Brand Manager Agrifac
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