Urban Mover – Long Tail

A longtail bike as a solution for the evolving mobility landscape
A modern electric cargo bike, perfect for urban environments, boasts a sleek gray frame parked against a concrete wall. It features two black child seats on the rear rack, each equipped with footrests and safety harnesses. The front of this urban mover has a rack for carrying additional cargo.
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  • Case Designing a new longtail cargo e-bike
  • Client Astro Tech Co. Ltd
  • Industry Bikes

Cities and urban areas are witnessing a shift as cycling replaces cars as the primary mode of transport. Notably, frontloading cargo bikes have gained traction, with the long- tail cargo bike now on the rise.

The UM long- tail cargo bike offers enhanced comfort for cargo transportation. Its 24” wheels provide a smoother ride and stability with a low center of gravity, complemented by front suspension for added comfort. The UM features a Bosch CX mid- mounted motor with an integrated 625W Bosch battery. A 725W Bosch range extender can be added behind the seat tube. The powerful driveline ensures a comfortable ride, even when fully loaded.

Key Insights

The UM boasts a sleek and sturdy design, featuring larger square- shaped profiles to minimize trusses.

Its warm PANTONE 467 C color underscores its utilitarian nature, enhancing its toughness.

A tan-colored electric cargo bike with black accents is shown against a beige background. With MODYN-inspired bike design, it features a front basket and rear rack, wide handlebars, and disc brakes. The bike’s frame is designed to accommodate various cargo loads efficiently.
The UM boasts a sleek and sturdy design, featuring larger square- shaped profiles to minimize trusses.
iF Design Award 2024
iF Design award
Two electric cargo bikes are parked indoors. The bike on the left, featuring MODYN's innovative bike design, is light blue with two child seats mounted on the rear rack. The bike on the right is beige with an empty rear rack. Both have sturdy frames and are designed for carrying additional loads.
Two cargo bicycles equipped with front and rear storage baskets are parked on a concrete surface. One beige bike has two child seats mounted at the back, while the other light blue bike has a single child seat and a front basket. The sleek bike design by MODYN ensures functionality and style.
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