Kvisp dog bike seat

Designing The Dog Mobility Revolution
Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP
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  • Case A modern dog bike seat design
  • Client Kvisp
  • Industry Pet mobility

Kvisp came to MODYN knowing they wanted to kickstart the dog mobility revolution, but they didn’t quite know where to start with the design. They knew there was a hole in the market for design-forward, dog-centric bicycle seats for modern dog parents, and wanted to create something new that was front-mounted so that dogs could be kept close and safe. MODYN was challenged to find a balance between safety, closeness and ease of use with a streamlined, modern and urban feel. 


Key Insights

MODYN worked with Kvisp at its inception, helping this company not only with the bike seat design, but define its brand through the product’s design language and features. The result, which launches on Kickstarter in 2023, is a front-facing dog bike seat that revolutionizes how modern, urban, and bike-riding dog parents travel with their best friends. Using a multi-purpose walk and cycle dog harness, you can easily clip your dog to the leash, walk them to the bike and strap them into the safety clips with ease and control. Front facing and mounted on the handlebars, your dog is close to you where they’re happiest and most comfortable. 

Our approach

We interviewed dog parents to get a better understanding as to how they transport their dogs and what wasn’t working. What we found was that bike seats mounted on the back with cages felt scary and disconnected, and dog parents needed a simple and seamless solution to get their dogs from home to the bike seat. We needed to create a level of comfort here for the dog and the parent, from where the seat would be positioned to how the dog could sit.

Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP

Our market research touched on size and dog breeds, but engineering-wise, we had to figure out what was safe and possible. We defined that up to 15 kilos was doable with the space we had between the handlebars and used this as our base to define a shape, dimensions and ultimately the clientele of Kvisp. 

Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP

The design language is honest, subdued in tone and coloring, and inspired by energetic fashion trends to fit an urban environment. Ease of use was integral to the bike seat design, from the dual-purpose harness to the seat design that’s easy to lift into as well as clean. Comfort was also key, and we designed features like the paw board that allows your dog to lean forward as they explore the world between your handlebars. A small window on the paw board also allows dog parents to keep an eye on their e-bike display.

Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP

Our developing phase was in parallel to the design, working with both sketches and modeling to define the lines of the product as well as test how dogs move, how you naturally lift, what you can reach, and how the product could support those natural movements. It was challenging not being able to speak with the pets we were designing for, so we also worked closely with dog behavioral experts to get more insight into how dogs behaved and responded to our designs.

Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP
Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP
What Kvisp had to say
“Modyn has been an invaluable partner to Kvisp bringing a seamless fusion of strategy, design and development support while always taking a customer-centric approach in realizing our product vision.”
“When we brought MODYN on we had a clear vision of where we wanted to go, but needed help with bringing that vision of a dog-centric, beautifully designed bicycle seat to life. MODYN helped us throughout the whole process, from testing existing solutions to developing our innovative design, improving our prototypes and even helping us get in touch with manufacturers. The entire time it felt like MODYN was part of our team, proactively thinking with us in this really organic way. ”
Guido van Oorschot, Kvisp Co-Founder
Dog bike seat design MODYN KVISP
Kvisp co-founders Janet Baireva & Guido van Oorschot
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