Published on 2022-05-06

iF Design Award 2022: VDL New Gen Citea

This year we were nominated for, and won, two iF Design Awards, including our work on the VDL Bus & Coach New Gen Citea.

A scalable, sustainable solution for cities transitioning to net-zero, this electric city bus is designed to encourage participation in public transportation today and anticipate developments in payment systems and autonomous driving tomorrow. Innovations like a single piece of curved composite framing not only cut weight but create a more open, inviting interior, while the electric drivetrain allows for a flat floor that is easy for passengers to navigate. The driver’s cabin also sets new standards for ergonomics, steering adjustments, and dashboard space.

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For VDL Bus & Coach, having an attractive design language is an important asset in getting more people to choose public transport. The form and functionality of the Citea, such as the use of light and colour, must ensure that passengers feel comfortable on board the bus. In the end, we all contribute to the greater goal of a liveable city, where residents will benefit from fewer harmful emissions and noise, and more clean air. ”
Alex de Jong, Business Manager Public Transport at VDL Bus & Coach
VDL New Gen Citea Modyn Bram Veendrick
In the development of the new generation Citea, VDL underlined the strategic importance of design from the outset. This has been an advantage in both the design process and the cooperation. Our shared principles and ambitions are reflected in the design of the vehicle, which requires a design that is both long-lasting and innovative.”
Rik de Reuver, Head of Product Design at MODYN
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