Published on 2023-09-21

Eurobike 2023 Highlights: MODYN Trend Report

The Future of Cycling – Dive into the captivating world of Eurobike 2023 with the MODYN trend report. From innovative fat bikes to the rise of longtail bikes, discover the game-changing moments that defined the event.


1. Fat Bikes: The Talk of the Town

Fat bikes, with their distinctive oversized tires, dominated Eurobike. Are they a lasting trend or a momentary fascination? Their future in the cycling scene is something to watch.


2. Cargo Bikes: Evolution in Action

Cargo bikes impressed, particularly with their foldable frames and versatile baskets. Brands like Carlos lead the charge, introducing groundbreaking features like a cargo box doubling as a suitcase.


3. Longtail Bikes: The New Era of Urban Commute

With major brands showcasing diverse longtail bike models, urban commuting is undergoing a transformation. Our collaboration, the Thule YEPP2 seat, epitomized this evolution.


4. Pushing the Comfort Envelope

Cutting-edge features such as autoleveling, automatic terrain adoption, and preheated seats emerged, with keyless access being the highlight. What’s the next big thing in cycling comfort?


5. CMF: Insights by Mandy

Our CMF lead, Mandy, unraveled the latest trends in colors, materials, and finishes. Dive deeper with her exclusive insights in our report.

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Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
Eurobike 2023 Trend Report
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