Published on 2020-11-02

MODYN & Our Global Mission

MODYN’s mission is to take mobility to the next level worldwide through leading designs. With a new name, identity and appearance, the company is heading down a new path: a specialization in mobility design for the international market.

We sat down with Remco van Laar, Commercial Director at MODYN, about mobility design, his passion and mission to help take the company global.

Most recently I was working as a sales and business development manager within the automotive industry. This is just a small part of mobility, but a very important one for a large group of people. Now at MODYN, I think it’s great to work for a company that focuses on mobility in the broader sense — namely, with everything that sets you in motion, because the industry is so much broader than just automotive. Mobility design is also always developing and working on the future, which really appeals to me.

I find it difficult to sit still — I am almost always on the move, whether it’s playing hockey or going cycling or running. So in my work, naturally, I also like to chase goals. As the Commercial Director of MODYN, I take on the role of the connector — a role that suits me perfectly because it sets me in motion. It gives me a lot of energy when I can be busy building relationships, expanding our network, making a difference to others and being of service.

Why does MODYN have this mission to go global?
Mobility doesn’t stop at the border. Our clients are a good mix of start-ups, SMEs and corporate enterprises operating here and abroad. There are also many international players within the mobility sectors. So by positioning MODYN internationally, we can put ourselves more prominently on the map. We also see good growth opportunities in Asia and other parts of the world. In Asia for example, there is a great interest in European, and in particular, Dutch design. Now with our new name and focus, we can better respond to these international interests.

How is MODYN’s mission reflected in your own work?
MODYN’s mission is to build a future where everyone can responsibly experience the freedoms of mobility. We want to design products that allow everyone to move more freely, easily and sustainably. I am always on the move myself, and I also work hard to continually develop. Standing still is not an option for me or MODYN — we’re always moving forward. And that’s a great fit for me, because the companies I enjoy working with most are those who are on the cusp of new innovations.

What is your main goal for the coming year?
I have several goals for the coming year. One of them is to steer both new and existing customers towards our direction as a mobility design agency. Additionally, I will focus on giving MODYN, a company with a great history, more visibility. The visibility it deserves. As a Dutch agency, we have been operating internationally for years and work with really great clients — I want the world to see that.

Remco van Laar, Commercial Director

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