Published on 2020-11-20

Our Mission as MODYN

Mobility is our past and our future — intrinsic to our humanity.

It has migrated us across oceans and continents, and it’s taken us to corners of the planet that have expanded our perspectives and allowed us to grow. Mobility reunites us with people we love and takes us to jobs that drive economies. It gives us the freedom to move and find our place in the world, puts food on our tables and brings products to our doorsteps.

Mobility provides us opportunities.
Mobility is freedom.

But mobility is not accessible for everyone in the same ways. And while mobility has interconnected the world in incredible ways, it has also impacted our environment. Now, at MODYN, our mission is focused squarely on creating a better future for mobility — designing products that allow people to move more freely, easily and sustainably in our world. 

We see the future of mobility focused on multi-modal transport — from shared-cars and bikes to autonomous vehicles — allowing people to travel in a communal way that is efficient and sustainable. This shift is going to free up space, make cities more liveable and mobility more convenient. MODYN wants to help design this future, creating more comfortable and accessible mobility solutions for the entire chain.

Mobility will also continue to broadly impact people’s lives, bringing us to projects ranging from electric bicycles to backpacks. This essential, multi-faceted role is what we think makes mobility the most exciting design opportunity on the planet. Moving forward as MODYN, we are looking forward to quite literally designing new futures for one of the most impactful industries on the planet. 

To do this, we’re dedicated to designing rewarding product experiences that move people and businesses forward. We will balance long-term outcomes with short-term wins by not only looking at how a mobility product contributes to the bottom line now, but what the impact is on the environment and society. And to get there, we will steer our clients past ‘interesting’ ideas and towards the twists and turns that lead to fresh and exciting opportunities. 

We’re ready for the journey ahead. Are you coming along? 

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