Published on 2023-11-01

Kind + Jugend 2023 Highlights: MODYN Trend Report

As the world’s leading trade fair for high-quality baby and toddler products, Kind + Jugend 2023 is a fair we cannot miss. Even though after Covid the fair has become smaller, the products and brands presented were both impressive and inspiring. We noticed the trends of last year persevering and expanding in different directions. Brands seem to take next steps towards sustainable product design, and creating more advanced products by introducing technology into concepts.

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Evolution of Green Responsibility

At the latest Kind+Jugend show, there’s been an evident refocusing in the realm of sustainability. Although sustainability principles are increasingly embraced by numerous brands, there’s an observable reluctance to wholeheartedly prioritize eco-friendly initiatives.

This leads us to question: Are we observing the gradual demise of greenwashing, or are brands simply pausing in their journey toward sustainable adoption?

The Power of Lightweight Design

There’s a growing appreciation for lightweight product designs. Not only is it eco-friendly, conserving resources and minimizing transport emissions, but it also echoes consumers’ evolving preferences. Lightweight design is an embodiment of both sustainability and the prevailing market inclinations.

The Digital Transformation

Gone are the days when digital instruments for young ones felt like rudimentary prototypes. A palpable transition is afoot as these devices are more seamlessly integrated. While sectors like household goods have witnessed immense progress – with baby monitors now sporting more user-friendly designs – the predominant trend leans towards exhaustive monitoring. This resonates with the rising emphasis on child wellness, health, and intensified parental oversight.



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