Published on 2023-01-20

Introducing: MODYN Ventures

This Lunar New Year, we are proud to announce MODYN Ventures — an exciting new entity that helps SMEs realize niche mobility products from design through manufacturing. Working directly with our longtime and trusted partner Indes China, MODYN Ventures will combine the best of Dutch design with technology-driven Chinese manufacturing.

Leveraging our design expertise in mobility and Indes China’s expertise in mobility engineering and manufacturing, MODYN Ventures will give clients a kind of smooth and efficient cross-continental cooperation that is rare — providing design quality, quick iteration, fast time to market and cost efficiency.


MODYN Ventures

  • – Time-honored design background in mobility
  • – Technology-driven complex product capability
  • – Flexible capacity in Europe, China and beyond
  • – Multi-disciplined team network including suppliers, partners + distributors
We're coming together to work on high-tech, niche mobility products

A Long-Time Relationship

To understand where MODYN Ventures comes from, you need to know about the long-time relationship between our Managing Director, Gert-Jan van Breugel, and Cynthia Tang, General Manager of Indes CN. They have worked on projects ranging from eBike Drive Systems for Bafang to a Smart Fishing Drone for sport fishermen.

A Decade of Collaboration

The dynamic duo has spent a decade building a strong working relationship and an efficient workflow for various mobility clients.

Strong Trust and Open Communication

“Over the past ten years, we have worked on many different projects together,” Cynthia explained. “We trust each other, communicate openly, and always look at the big picture. They have creative thinking for branding and design, and we have creative thinking for engineering and manufacturing. Together, we make a great team.”

A Natural Next Step

“MODYN Ventures was a natural next step for us both,” Gert-Jan said. “We realized how much we’ve done together and that our relationship can take our businesses to the next level. We’re excited to work closely with Cynthia and her expert team at Indes CN. We truly help our clients take their mobility products from ideas to market.”

By understanding the origins of MODYN Ventures, we see how strong partnerships and trust can lead to significant business growth and innovation.

The Rippton Mobula we worked on alongside Indes CN

Unlike design firms that have manufacturing connections in China, MODYN Ventures is built on its close cooperation with Indes CN and integrates its engineering and manufacturing team from the start. This is a major advantage for companies who need the balance between European design and high-tech Chinese manufacturing and its fair costs, but don’t have the connections themselves. Now with the launch of MODYN Ventures, clients will get the best of both worlds.


As a European company with sourcing organization in China we have

  • – Design sense + branding  
  • – Flexibility and agility
  • – A technology-driven design team
  • – Chinese-based cost and integrated high-tech manufacturing base
  • – Cross-continental cooperation that’s smooth, seamless + efficient 


Bridging Cultural Differences

“Naturally, there can be friction between Dutch or European and Chinese cultures,” Cynthia explained. “From language to ways of thinking, training, and experience. But the relationship we’ve built with MODYN is strong. There’s harmonization, communication, and a deep understanding of how each other works. Because of that, we’re able to be a multi-disciplined team for clients who need a full solution partner.”

Expertise and Collaboration

Indes China, a company under the Indes Group, has Dutch roots and is headquartered in the Netherlands. They have been engineering and manufacturing branded products for over 10 years. As the official engineering and manufacturing provider for MODYN Ventures, Indes CN will collaborate on technology-driven, niche mobility products with complex product capabilities.

Quality and Cost Control

“By working closely with Cynthia and Indes CN, we can control quality and cost in a way that most other design agencies and Chinese manufacturers can’t,” Gert-Jan admitted. “MODYN Ventures is truly a one-stop supplier that can help companies bring niche mobility products to the market.”

MODYN Ventures leverages strong partnerships and cultural harmonization to provide comprehensive solutions for niche mobility products. By understanding and addressing cultural differences, MODYN Ventures delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for its clients.


Cynthia and the Indes CN team

This announcement of MODYN Ventures is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will be explaining more about the process, our cooperation with Cynthia and the Indes CN team and the kinds of solutions we provide. So be sure to watch this space — and follow us on LinkedIn — for all the details.

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