Published on 2019-03-06

iF Design Award 2019: Mobula Smart Fishing Drone

A first-of-its-kind innovation designed to make fishing smarter and easier, the Mobula Smart Fishing drone reeled in the iF Design Award in 2019.

The Mobula Smart Fishing Drone is packed with technology that allows the angler to increase their casting distance to catch larger fish in deeper water, exceeding the limits of human strength and mobility.

To design the drone, MODYN took a deep dive into this tech, getting a full understanding for all the moving parts which allowed us to design directly for the necessary components in a creative way. This also allowed us to come up with innovative solutions to further improve the Mobula’s functionality, like creating a foldable design with a highly integrated operation system that allows the Smart Fishing Drone to be taken anywhere. The drone is also easily controlled, even without prior experience in operating drones.

Check out the full case study here.

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