Published on 2018-11-05

iF Design Award 2018: Gazelle AMI C8 HMS

In 2018 the iF Design Awards recognized our work with our longtime Gazelle on their new, highly-accessible e-bike the AMI C8 HMS.

When Gazelle came to us with the project, they already knew they wanted to design an electric bike that made anyone feel safe and self-confident riding it. To do this, we designed the new e-bike with a smaller wheel size than all other models and a low, wide step-through. Cyclists can not only mount easily but put their feet on the ground fast when confronted with unexpected traffic situations.

The AMI C8 HMS is also designed to enable cyclists to enjoy a comfortable steering response and sit relatively upright, a posture which ensures greater safety on the road. The e-bike has a sturdy and light-weight aluminum frame with a mid-mounted motor for greater balance stability and safety.

Check out the full case study here.

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