Published on 2022-11-01

Design Sprint: Race To The Finish Line With The BERG Nexo Step

We have the opportunity to design a lot of cool stuff here at MODYN. But, when BERG Toys approached us to help them create a new toy and enter a new market, our team was excited and giddy like a bunch of kids.

Well-known in the Netherlands for its high-quality kid’s products like trampolines and go-karts, the brand keeps kids moving and having fun. But while BERG has had a lot of success designing their own products, when it came to the scooter, they admittedly got a bit stuck. There wasn’t a lack of ideas and designs, but direction. So MODYN came in to help BERG steer the initial design process, working with the brand on a series of design sprints.

BERG wanted to design a scooter that was different than anything else on the market while still being true to its own brand DNA. That meant adding something of value to the market, making something recognizable, as well as being fun cool and totally safe. So, we started with an ideation design sprint to get the ideas flowing, from laying out what was most important to voting on different ideas to start moving us in one direction.

“It was actually a really fun process for us because we were working alongside BERG’s team of designers and engineers, and they gravitated towards the more innovative and design-forward ideas we were coming up with,” Gert-Jan explained.

But, it wasn’t just the design team’s decision. Having worked with companies of all sizes, and often having to pitch and work alongside sales and marketing, MODYN was to offer be the BERG design team the right material to present the ideas to internal stakeholders. 

“We steered them towards designs that were innovative but not alienating,” Gert-Jan went on to say. “As well as co-creating the perfect balance between design and market needs.”

This led to cool innovations like the quick and easy kick and fold mechanism, a visible suspension, stunt modes, light-up wheels and games built right in. 

After the ideation sprints came the concept design sprint, helping the BERG team flesh out the concept further. The kick-fold mechanism was a big one, as well as the mechanism to make the scooter turn, as these are always under patents. So, we provided BERG with ideas and sketches that would help their team devise their own solution in the design and engineering phase.

We also looked closely into safety with the team, making the choice go for a scooter with three wheels instead of two to give it a more sturdy platform and open it up to more age groups. The concept designs from our design sprint also helped BERG to be more sustainable, showing them it was possible to produce an entirely plastic scooter that is much more green and recyclable than metal scooters. Finally, MODYN also helped BERG with cool CMF design combinations during the design sprint that were iconic, recognizable and totally kid-approved.

  • – Suitable for children from 2 to 12 years
  • – Much attention to safety and design
  • – Extra options and modules for even more scootering fun


After our series of successful design sprints with the BERG team, it was time for BERG to take this design to the finish line in the product design and engineering phase. The results were a great reflection of the hard work both teams put into the design sprints, plus the expert design, engineering and finishings you’d expect from a major brand like BERG. But to be fair most of the hard work was done by the excellent design and engineering team of BERG; we were happy to provide them with the right direction for this product.

Designed for kids from 2 to 12, the BERG Nexo Step features an adjustable handlebar that grows right alongside kids, as well as a steering lock that allows kids to learn to steer safely and properly. We also worked with BERG to design other built-in safety features like three sturdy wheels and anti-slip material on the deck and the handles.

But if you really want to get the most out of your Nexo, you can opt for extra modules like LED light wheels that have 12 different colors and patterns to play with. And thanks to a built-in motion sensor, the lights turn off after 15 seconds, allowing the batteries to last much longer. We also designed a game right into the scooter using a magnet and coins, allowing the kids to create courses and races to pick up the coins as they scoot along. A fun game of skill that also helps kids improve their motor functions! 

The design language itself is playful and unique. Chunky elements and sturdy lines make it feel youthful and playful while reinforcing the scooter’s sturdiness in both look and feel. Designed to withstand the wear and tear of the streets and playground, the BERG Nexo Step is made of heavy-duty plastics and features a lot of tactile elements that make it simple to use and a pleasure to be on, from the grippy handles to the easy-to-install games. 

Today, we’re so proud to see the BERGO Nexo Step not only on the streets, but sold by the retailer Decathlon, proving that this design is making an impact on the market. Plus, it’s great to see recognition from our peers who awarded it to the G100. 

Whether you’re working on the next kids toy or the next city bus, our team can help you better define your direction and bring an iconic, successful product to market. Get in touch today to learn more about our design sprints and how we can help.

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