Published on 2023-04-05

Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023 Insight Report

This report is slightly different than our regular reports. You might be used to our trend reports where we show off design trends from a certain tradeshow. But for this report, we wanted to dive a little deeper and tell you about some interesting developments that will be shaping the mobility landscape of the future.

We attended Autonomy Mobility World Expo in Paris on March 22 & 23, and there were so many interesting lectures and panel conversations to listen to — not to mention all the people from all over the world that were attending and showing their vision for the future. In this report here, we’re talking about five topics that stood out to us the most as mobility designers.

Give it a download to get our insights! It’s great for those who couldn’t attend this year, as well as those who did and want a recap.

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Autonomy Mobility World Expo Trend Report
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