Published on 2021-10-18

Meet The Team: Eva van Pelt

After a 25-year career that’s taken her from working as an account executive at an advertising agency to managing exiting clients and doing PR for brands like Jupiler, the Formula 1 team Spyker and even a Space Expedition company, Eva van Pelt was ready for her next adventure.

“I was at my last job for nearly a decade, and it was incredible,” Eva admitted. “I had so many opportunities — I traveled the world, got to work with incredible clients. But, the agency was evolving into a quite sizable organization. As I prefer to work in a compact team, I really felt like it was my time to move on to something new.”

Joining MODYN as our new Public Relations Manager, Eva sits down with us to talk about her exciting career, what she loves most about working in PR and why MODYN felt like the right fit.

So what was it about MODYN that made you want to work here?

“I like the agency structure — it’s what I’m used to. But with MODYN, I really liked that they’re a small team, but also a tight group of people. I wanted to work in that kind of environment, where I could work directly alongside my team and see our work grow together. Plus, I love the design aspect. What I love most about this job is storytelling — and with design, there are so many interesting stories to tell and share with the world. So for me, this felt like a really exciting opportunity.”

Now, we know you just started, but what are your plans for your new role?

“I want to spend time getting to know everyone and diving into the projects and products everyone’s working on right now. I’ve only been here a few days, and everybody’s so focused on their projects, so I need to squeeze in there and identify what stories we can tell. 

One thing I’ve already noticed, though, is how modest these guys are. But with the great work they do, they definitely need some help touting their achievements! So, I’m excited to do that for them. To uncover the best stories to tell, but also start making connections in the industry and help them get more of the recognition they deserve.”

It sounds like it’s really all about the people and the human connection for you.

“It definitely is. Like I said, I love people and telling their stories. But, I also just love working with people and making those important connections. The relationships I get to make in this job are just the best part — both with my teammates I work with, and the journalists and writers I pitch.”

What mobility design trends would you say excite you most right now?

“Definitely the sustainability aspect. You know, I’ve told sustainability stories from other angles before, but I think this is going to be one of the most impactful. This team of people aren’t just engineers from the best technical universities, but they’re incredible designers who have their fingers on the pulse of technology and the future of innovation. So whether it’s electric cars or electric bikes or beyond, the ideas they come up with here are going to have a major impact on the world. I’m really looking forward to telling these stories and sharing their insights and knowledge. 

But, technology integrations are also exciting. For example, the way MODYN works with state-of-the-art VR to not only bring their designs to life but inform the decision-making process is really progressive. And that such a small agency is leading the way with technology like this is notable.”

And when you’re not at MODYN, where can we find you?

“Well, we recently bought a house, so there are always projects! Next is the garden landscaping, or maybe turning the guest house into a B&B. But, I love hosting friends for dinner at our home — cooking and enjoying each other’s company. Hospitality is something we really enjoy, so it’s such a treat to have people over and share our home with them. I also love to take walks or hop on the bike and cycle. This winter I’ll definitely be snowboarding! Like you guys say — always on the move.”

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